Monday, October 28, 2013

Newly Converted to Islam in Europe join the Wahhabism and Killing Muslims

Newly Converted to Islam in Europe join the Wahhabism and killing Muslims.
While prophet Muhammad PBUH said if 2 Muslims fight each other, both of them (the killer and the killed) will go to hell.

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- #German #Intelligence: Hundreds of western citizens including women, joined terrorists in Syria
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If there is a fighting/killing between two Muslims, those who kill and are killed are both going to hell. The companions asked, “That’s for the killer, then how about being killed?” Prophet replied, “Your slain are also trying to kill his friend.” (Narrated by Bukhari)
Narratives Miqdad ibn Aswad ra., He said:
O Messenger of Allah, what do you think if I met a pagan, and he attacked me. He cut off one of my hands with a sword. Then he took refuge from me to a tree, and said: I submit myself to Allah (in Islam). Can I kill him after he said it? Prophet. answered: Thou shalt not kill him. I protested: O Messenger of Allah, but he has cut my hand. He uttered it after cutting my hand. Can I kill him? Prophet. fixed answer: No, you can not kill him. If you kill them, then you like it before you kill them, and you like it before he said the words he was saying. (Saheeh Muslim, # 139)
Usamah bin Zaid narratives ra., He said:
Prophet. sent us in an army. We got Huruqat, somewhere in the area Juhainah in the morning. Then I met an infidel. He say: La ilaha illallah, but I kept stabbing him. Apparently the incident made ​​an impression on my soul, then I’m telling this to the Prophet. Prophet. asked: Did he say: La ilaha illallah, and you killed him?
I said: O Messenger of Allah, he said it was only because of fear of the sword.
Prophet. He said: Have you divide his chest so that you know whether her say so or not? He kept repeating those words to me, so I’m imagining that I recently converted to Islam on that day. Saad said: For Allah, I did not kill a Muslim, until Dhul Buthain killed Osama. Someone said: Is not Allah has said: And fight them, so no slander, and that religion is solely for Allah. Saad said: We have been at war, so no slander. While you and his followers wanted to fight, for defamation arising. (Saheeh Muslim, # 140)

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