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The Jews Control Money, US Government, and the World

Why the US Government keep supporting Israel though Israel kill Palestinian women and children?
Why the US Government keep supporting Israel though Israel kill Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman in Gaza?
Why when an American citizen, 19 year old Furkan Dogan killed by multiple gunshots by Israel soldiers in Mavi Marmara, the US vice president, Joe Bidden only say “So what’s the big deal here?”
Supposed the killer is Iranian, Iraqi, or Afghan, I believe the US government will send troops immediately…
The answer is that the Jews controlling US money through the Fed and controlling the world via IMF and World Bank.
Well, before you accuse me as a paranoid or a conspiracy nut, just take a look at www.aipac.org. AIPAC stands for The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. America’s Pro Israel Lobby. The Israel/Jewish lobby is do exist in US. Their task is to support Israel/Jews at any cost including twisting the facts or editing the video like Jewish Movie Maker Stephen Spielberg does so Israel who slaughter Palestinian people (including women and children) look like hero while the victims look like terrorists.
Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad acknowledged about Jews control while Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stiglitz acknowledged that IMF and World Bank are making the people poorer.
The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Jewish family: the Rothschild and the Rockefeller. With the Fed, the Jews could print US dollar as much as they want. They could buy any companies so the media and movie companies owned by the Jews. They also could finance the American would be president’s campaign so whoever elected as US president will become a Jews’ servant. Not serving US people. That is why many US citizen become unemployment, while US government keep sending billions of dollars to build Israel army.
Look the video below:
Who elect the Federal Reserve Bank leader? Not US people and not also the US president. It is owned by the Jews. Bernanke the current leader of the Fed and also Alan Greenspan the former leader of the Fed are Jews!
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild:
“"I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...
The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply."
The Rothschild not only owned the Fed, but also Bank of England. The British money!
The Rothschild family aim is to control money machine of a nation. When they control the money, they could buy anything such as oil, gas, companies, and also politicians to work for them:
“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
- Amschel Meyer Rothschild, 1838.
It is very hard now to get enough money to live so we could by a house, a car, and education for our children. 2.6 billion people in the world only get US$ 2 or less a day. But the Jews could print the money as much as they want by simply pushing money printer button in Central Bank!
"Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them."
- Mahathir Mohamed, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, 2003.
Many wars created by the Jews or the Jewish Institutions. For example, Robert McNamara, former of World Bank’s president was the architect of Vietnam War, while Paul Wolfowitz is the architect of Iraq and Afghanistan war.
US Vice President, Dick Chenney, reporting to David Rockefeller:
To become a US president needs a lot of money. Only the Jews who own “legal” money printer such as the Fed who could give that and control the US president!
Look at the video of Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman that killed by Israeli:
Larry King’s interview with Ahmadinejad:
List of presidents of World Bank
* Eugene Meyer (June 1946–December 1946) – Jewish
* John J. McCloy (March 1947–June 1949)
* Eugene R. Black, Sr. (1949–1963) – Jewish
* George D. Woods (January 1963–March 1968) – Jewish
* Robert McNamara (April 1968–June 1981)
* Alden W. Clausen (July 1981–June 1986) – Jewish
* Barber Conable (July 1986–August 1991) – Jewish
* Lewis T. Preston (September 1991–May 1995) – Jewish
* James Wolfensohn (May 1995–June 2005) – Jewish
* Paul Wolfowitz (1 June 2005–June 2007) – Jewish
* Robert Zoellick (1 July 2007–Present) – Jewish
IMF (International Monetary Fund) also funded by the Jews. IMF first leader is a jewish. And IMF current leader (2010), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, also a jewish.
World Bank, IMF, and WTO are the motor of Neoliberalism/Globalization. They promote privatization, removing subsidies on people common needs such as food, health, and free trade. Those Jewish institutions make millions of people die because of hunger and sickness.
Impact on access to food
A number of civil society organizations have criticized the IMF's policies for their impact on peoples' access to food, particularly in developing countries. In October 2008, former US President Bill Clinton joined this chorus in a speech to the United Nations World Food Day, which criticized the World Bank and IMF for their policies on food and agriculture:
We need the World Bank, the IMF, all the big foundations, and all the governments to admit that, for 30 years, we all blew it, including me when I was President. We were wrong to believe that food was like some other product in international trade, and we all have to go back to a more responsible and sustainable form of agriculture.
—Former US President Bill Clinton, Speech at United Nations World Food Day, October 16, 2008
Impact on public health
In 2008, a study by analysts from Cambridge and Yale universities published on the open-access Public Library of Science concluded that strict conditions on the international loans by the IMF resulted in thousands of deaths in Eastern Europe by tuberculosis as public health care had to be weakened. In the 21 countries to which the IMF had given loans, tuberculosis deaths rose by 16.6 %.
Robert B. Zoellick———————————-President of the World Bank
Member of CFR and Project for the New American Century signatory. Formerly U.S. Trade Representative and Under Secretary of State in the Bush administration. In 2005 Zoellick was promoted to Deputy Secretary of State. He resigned from the #2 position in the State Department to join the Wall Street investment house Goldman Sachs Group. It is no accident that Robert Zoellick was in line with the loudest chicken-hawks in promoting the Iraq War, and at the same time acted to increase our unemployment lines in America. Robert Zoellick has been instrumental in fostering outsourcing of American jobs to the Third World.
Jubilee Plus publishes below a damning interview between Joseph Stiglitz ex-chief economist at the World Bank with the Observer, held over the weekend of the IMF’s 2001 Spring meetings. In the interview he attackes the role of the US in stripping debtor nations of assets. He praised Botswana for defying the Bank and the Fund, and refusing a Structural Adjustment Programme.
IMF’s Four steps to Damnation
(UK) 29th April, 2001 by Gregory Palast
It was like a scene out of Le Carré: the brilliant agent comes in from the cold and, in hours of debriefing, empties his memory of horrors committed in the name of an ideology gone rotten. But this was a far bigger catch than some used-up Cold War spy.
The former apparatchik was Joseph Stiglitz, ex-chief economist of the World Bank. The new world economic order was his theory come to life. He was in Washington for the big confab of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. But instead of chairing meetings of ministers and central bankers, he was outside the police cordons. The World Bank fired Stiglitz two years ago. He was not allowed a quiet retirement: he was excommunicated purely for expressing mild dissent from globalisation World Bank-style.
Here in Washington we conducted exclusive interviews with Stiglitz, for The Observer and Newsnight, about the inside workings of the IMF, the World Bank, and the bank’s 51% owner, the US Treasury. And here, from sources unnamable (not Stiglitz), we obtained a cache of documents marked, ‘confidential’ and ‘restricted’. Stiglitz helped translate one, a ‘country assistance strategy’. There’s an assistance strategy for every poorer nation, designed, says the World Bank, after careful in-country investigation. But according to insider Stiglitz, the Bank’s ‘investigation’ involves little more than close inspection of five-star hotels. It concludes with a meeting with a begging finance minister, who is handed a ‘restructuring agreement’ pre-drafted for ‘voluntary’ signature.
Each nation’s economy is analysed, says Stiglitz, then the Bank hands every minister the same four-step programme.
Step One is privatisation. Stiglitz said that rather than objecting to the sell-offs of state industries, some politicians – using the World Bank’s demands to silence local critics – happily flogged their electricity and water companies. ‘You could see their eyes widen’ at the possibility of commissions for shaving a few billion off the sale price. And the US government knew it, charges Stiglitz, at least in the case of the biggest privatisation of all, the 1995 Russian sell-off. ‘The US Treasury view was: “This was great, as we wanted Yeltsin re-elected. We DON’T CARE if it’s a corrupt election.” ‘ Stiglitz cannot simply be dismissed as a conspiracy nutter. The man was inside the game – a member of Bill Clinton’s cabinet, chairman of the President’s council of economic advisers. Most sick-making for Stiglitz is that the US-backed oligarchs stripped Russia’s industrial assets, with the effect that national output was cut nearly in half.
After privatisation, Step Two is capital market liberalisation. In theory this allows investment capital to flow in and out. Unfortunately, as in Indonesia and Brazil, the money often simply flows out. Stiglitz calls this the ‘hot money’ cycle. Cash comes in for speculation in real estate and currency, then flees at the first whiff of trouble. A nation’s reserves can drain in days. And when that happens, to seduce speculators into returning a nation’s own capital funds, the IMF demands these nations raise interest rates to 30%, 50% and 80%. ‘The result was predictable,’ said Stiglitz. Higher interest rates demolish property values, savage industrial production and drain national treasuries.
At this point, according to Stiglitz, the IMF drags the gasping nation to Step Three: market-based pricing – a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and cooking gas. This leads, predictably, to Step-Three-and-a-Half: what Stiglitz calls ‘the IMF riot’. The IMF riot is painfully predictable. When a nation is, ‘down and out, [the IMF] squeezes the last drop of blood out of them. They turn up the heat until, finally, the whole cauldron blows up,’ – as when the IMF eliminated food and fuel subsidies for the poor in Indonesia in 1998. Indonesia exploded into riots. There are other examples – the Bolivian riots over water prices last year and, this February, the riots in Ecuador over the rise in cooking gas prices imposed by the World Bank. You’d almost believe the riot was expected. And it is. What Stiglitz did not know is that Newsnight obtained several documents from inside the World Bank. In one, last year’s Interim Country Assistance Strategy for Ecuador, the Bank several times suggests – with cold accuracy – that the plans could be expected to spark ‘social unrest’. That’s not surprising. The secret report notes that the plan to make the US dollar Ecuador’s currency has pushed 51% of the population below the poverty line. The IMF riots (and by riots I mean peaceful demonstrations dispersed by bullets, tanks and tear gas) cause new flights of capital and government bankruptcies This economic arson has its bright side – for foreigners, who can then pick off remaining assets at fire sale prices. A pattern emerges. There are lots of losers but the clear winners seem to be the western banks and US Treasury.
Now we arrive at Step Four: free trade. This is free trade by the rules of the World Trade Organisation and the World Bank, which Stiglitz likens to the Opium Wars. ‘That too was about “opening markets”,’ he said. As in the nineteenth century, Europeans and Americans today are kicking down barriers to sales in Asia, Latin American and Africa while barricading our own markets against the Third World ‘s agriculture. In the Opium Wars, the West used military blockades.
Today, the World Bank can order a financial blockade, which is just as effective and sometimes just as deadly. Stiglitz has two concerns about the IMF/World Bank plans. First, he says, because the plans are devised in secrecy and driven by an absolutist ideology, never open for discourse or dissent, they ‘undermine democracy’. Second, they don’t work. Under the guiding hand of IMF structural ‘assistance’ Africa’s income dropped by 23%. Did any nation avoid this fate? Yes, said Stiglitz, Botswana. Their trick? ‘They told the IMF to go packing.’ Stiglitz proposes radical land reform: an attack on the 50% crop rents charged by the propertied oligarchies worldwide. Why didn’t the World Bank and IMF follow his advice? ‘If you challenge [land ownership], that would be a change in the power of the elites. That’s not high on their agenda.
‘ Ultimately, what drove him to put his job on the line was the failure of the banks and US Treasury to change course when confronted with the crises, failures, and suffering perpetrated by their four-step monetarist mambo. ‘It’s a little like the Middle Ages,’ says the economist, ‘When the patient died they would say well, we stopped the bloodletting too soon, he still had a little blood in him.’ Maybe it’s time to remove the bloodsuckers.
Conspiracy Reality TV – Documentaries, Movies and Videos
Conspiracy videos, movies and documentaries exposing the secrecy behind the institutions of global control. Subjects such as the Illuminati New World Order, government conspiracies, secret societies, history suppression, corporate genocide, one world government, hidden technologies, the 9/11 conspiracy and many other conspiracy theories and issues are explained within.
For understanding of the Federal Reserve system it’s vital to take a look to the past, and specifically to the Rothschild family. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the son of an itinerant money lender and goldsmith who settled in Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt-am-Main in 1744 was the founder of the Rothschild family, son Amschel Mozes Bauer. As the paterfamilias became more successful he dispatched four of his five sons to different European capitals to take advantage of the rise of capitalism and the growth of international trade…of these the two most important proved to be London and Paris.
“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply, controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” Nathan Rothschild
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes it’s laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild
“I state these points fearlessly and without reserve, for you have yourself well reminded me that there is a power beyond us that disposes of what we are and do. Rothschild is the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world.” Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister
So, in the 19th century their power was almost absolute. However, Rothschilds were yet weak in the New World (America). They tried to obtain a Central American Bank in the decade of 1860, but President Lincoln opposed to their efforts.
He stopped their plans…but he got assassinated. However, they came back in the early 20th century.
Central person in their new efforts was another German-Jew, Jacob Schiff who had arrived in the U.S. in 1865. In 1873, they gave him economical support and he could buy shares of a German-Jew company Kuhn and Loeb.
Jacob Schiff – Schiff got married Solomon Loeb’s older daughter, Teressa, and virtually was the unique owner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. He became a millionaire by financing America’s expanding railroads and growth companies, including Western Union and Westinghouse. Rothschild’s funds through Schiff financed even the Russian Revolution. In 1917, Lev Davidov Bronstein visited New York where he met Jacob Schiff. Schiff, using again Rothschild’s funds, financed a steel company – Empire of Carnegie and Standard Oil, John’s Rockefeller’s. Andrew Carnegie built Carnegie Steel Company and later U.S. Steel Co. His fortune was worth 298.3 billion dollars.
John D. Rockefeller – founded the Standard Oil Company and became, officially, the wealthiest person of modern history. His fortune worthed 318.3 billion dollars.
Another key person was Paul Warburg. Paul and his brother Felix, also German-Jew, came from Frankfurt in 1902, and financed by the Rothschilds, bought shares of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Rothschild sent Warburgs in New York to influence Congress to vote a law about a Central Bank, which law would establish a Central Bank with responsibility to create money and to determine it’s value. So, Paul Warburg was responsible for Central Bank’s action, mastermind of which was Baron Alfred de Rothschild in London. In 1910 Paul Warburg gave an important speech requesting one united Federal Bank with total assets of 100 million dollars and with the authority to supply money.
A secret meeting converged. The island (Jekyll Island) had been bought in 1888 by J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller’s brother William, Vanderbilt and some others. Present were Senator Aldrich, Vanderbilt, Paul Warburg, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Colonel House and Jacob Schiff. By one way or the other, all of them had a connection with the Rothschild family. Wanting to avoid the term of Central Bank, which refers to the European system, they suggested the new Regional Banks to be named Federal Banks. The draft of Federal Banks was approved by the House of Representatives and by the Senate on December 23rd 1913, when most of the representatives and senators were absent fro Christmas holidays. One hour after the Senate’s voting, President Wilson signed the Federal Bank’s act (Federal Reserve Act). So, in one day, the Rothschilds and their supporters, First National Bank of J.P. Morgan and National City Bank of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. virtually took America’s economy control.
“The Rothschild family has founded one of the world’s largest private banking dynasties to sustain their secretive fortune, which industry insiders count not in billions, but in trillions, and keep it within the family”. THE INDEPENDENT
During the early 20th century, J.P. Morgan was spotted to be one of the richest men in America, but after his death it was discovered that he was actually Lieutenant of the Rothschilds. Once Morgan’s will was published, it was discovered that he owned only 19% of J.P. Morgan companies…majority shares owned by the Rothschilds.
1963: On June 4th, President John F. Kennedy signs the Executive Order 11110, which returned to the U.S. Government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Their answer…
History Through Quotations
May 29th, 2009
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"I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution - taking from the federal government their power of borrowing."
- Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and the 3rd President of the US, 1798.
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
- Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and the 3rd President of the US, 1802.
"Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war."
- Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1811, when the charter for the Rothschild’s Bank of the United States runs out and US Congress votes against its renewal.
"Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status."
- Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1811, when the US Congress stood firm and the Charter for the bank was not renewed.
UK attacked US in 1812.
“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”
- Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1815.
"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they, and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."
- Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, 1815.
In the Battle of Waterloo, both Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington were being financed by the Rothschild’s.
"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance."
- James Madison, Founding Father and the 4th President of the US, 1817.
"Jackson And No Bank!"
- Andrew Jackson, 1832, slogan for his campaign as the 7th President of the US.
"You are a den of thieves’ vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."
- Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the US, 1833, to the money lenders i.e. The Rothschild’s.
“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
- Amschel Meyer Rothschild, 1838.
“Rothschild is the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually Lord and Master of everything else. He literally held the revenues of Southern Italy in pawn, and Monarchs and Ministers of all countries courted his advice and were guided by his suggestions.”
- Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of Britain, 1844.
“I Killed The Bank.”
- Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the US, 1845, when asked about his greatest achievement as the President.
“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
- Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, on her deathbed, 1849.
“We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.”
- Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US, 1862, after the issuing of currency by the government during the American Civil War, which later became the reason for his assassination.
"If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurate down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."
- Times of London, 1862, after the issuance of currency by the Abraham Lincoln Government.
"The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace, and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe."
- Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US, November 1864.
“The government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of government, but it is the government’s greatest creative opportunity. The financing of all public enterprise and the conduct of the treasury will become matters of practical administration. Money will cease to be master and will then become servant of humanity.”
- Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US, 1865..
"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my Country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the Country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed."
- Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US, 1865, before his assassination.
"The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the civil war by the high financial power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschild’s predominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the financiers, to the vigorous Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic."
- Otto von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of the German Empire, 1876.
“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce, and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”
- James A. Garfield, 20th President of the US, July 12, 1881, stated two weeks before his assassination.
"This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which ought never to have quarreled. Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumors of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbance."
- The “Labour Leader” newspaper of Britain, Dec 19, 1891.
"Unless we have a Central Bank with adequate control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most severe and far reaching money panic in its history."
- Jacob Schiff Rothschild, before the 1907 economic depression.
"Mr Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, and co, which represents the Rothschild’s interests on this side of the Atlantic. He has been described as financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great impersonal power known as Standard Oil. He was hand in glove with the Harrimans, the Goulds, and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has become the dominant power in the railroad and financial power of America."
- George R Conroy, 1912.
US Standard Oil Company financed Hitler’s oil needs. The Schiffs, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans and the Goulds were working in US on the behest of the Rothschilds.
"The Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized. The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."
- Charles August Lindbergh, US Congressman, 1913, on the Federal Reserve Act.
"From now on, depressions will be scientifically created."
- Charles August Lindbergh, US Congressman, 1913, on the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.
“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world, no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small group of dominant men.”
- Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the US, 1916, reflecting upon his signing of the Federal Reserve Act.
Just before he died, Wilson is reported to have stated to friends that he had been "deceived" and that "I have betrayed my Country". He referred to the Federal Reserve Act passed during his presidency.
On Nov 2, 1917, British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour drafted the famous “Balfour Declaration”, authorizing the creation of Israel on Palestinian land. It was addressed to “Dear Lord Rothschild”.
"In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached. The policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month, an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers."
- Oscar Callaway, U.S. Congressman, 1917, informing Congress that J. P. Morgan is a Rothschild front man and has taken control of the American media industry.
"One of the curious features of the Bolshevist movement is the high percentage of non-Russian elements among its leaders. Of the twenty or thirty commissaries, or leaders, who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75% were Jews."
- The Times of London, March 29, 1919.
“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.”
- Vladimir Lenin 1919.
"From the days of Illuminati leader Weishaupt, to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, this worldwide conspiracy has been steadily growing. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America, have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."
- Winston Churchill, Feb 8, 1920, in the Illustrated Sunday Herald.
Adam Weishaupt, appointed by Rothschild, founded the Illuminati. He then merged the Illuminati movement and the FreeMason Society.
"The state does not function as we desired. The car does not obey. A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. It moves as another force wishes."
- Vladimir Lenin 1923.
"If you have to choose between trusting the natural stability of gold, and the honesty and intelligence of members of the government, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, to vote for Gold."
- George Bernard Shaw, 1928.
“Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile. Once a nation parts with control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation's laws. Usury once in control will wreck any nation.”
- William Lyon Mackenzie King, 10th Prime Minister of Canada, 1935.
"By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War."
- Moto of Mossad, founded April 1, 1951.
"Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition."
- Frederic Morton, Jewish Austrian writer, 1962.
"The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans."
- David Ben Gurion, 1st Prime Minister of Israel. Jewish Chronicle, August 9, 1967.
"The murder of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being applied by the U.S. administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear program. Had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether Israel would today have a nuclear option."
- Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, February 5, 1999.
"One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is the Rothschilds were Jewish. The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organization called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews.. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities. Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs. Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews. The Rothschild empire helped finance Adolf Hitler."
- Gary Allen in his book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, 1973.
"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer (Satan).."
- Harold Rosenthal, aide to US Senator Jacob Javits, 1976.
"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world, if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
- David Rockefeller, 1991, at the Bilderberg Conference in Germany.
"The first time I read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, my instinctive reaction was, so what's wrong with that? Isn't that the way any master plan should work? Doesn't the public deserve - nay, demand - such despotism?"
- Anton Szandor LaVey, Founder of the Church of Satan, October 29, 1997.
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a code book containing guidelines for the Illuminati to achieve world domination.
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
- Ariel Sharon, 11th Prime Minister of Israel, October 3, 2001.
"Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them."
- Mahathir Mohamed, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, 2003.
Ben Shalom Bernanke – is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve. He is ranked 4th most powerful person in the world in an annual ranking by Newsweek
Donald Kohn (Jewish) – Vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, 2006 – 2010 (4 year term)
Arthur F. Burns (Jewish) – Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1970 to 1978
Alan Greenspan (Jewish)- Previous chairman of the US Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006.
Alan Blinder (Jewish) Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 1994 to 1996
Lawrence Summers – (Jewish) “Summers is director of Obama’s National Economic Council. He may at a later time succeed Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.”
Paul Warburg, an immigrant German Jew and a driving force behind creation of the Fed. Warburg also served, albeit reluctantly, as one of President Wilson’s five initial appointments to the Fed Board of Governors (from its 1914 inception until 1918) and was considered by some as the de facto Chairman.
Robert Zoellik (Jewish) – World Bank president 2007 present
James Wolfensohn (Jewish) – World Bank president 1995 – 2005
Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish) – World Bank president 2005 – 2007
Eugene Meyer (Jewish) First President of the World Bank in June 1946.
Alden W. Clausen (Jewish) World Bank president 1981 – 1986
Also Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1930 to 1933.
World Bank Chief Economist -
“The position of World Bank Chief Economist is one of the most influential in economics. The full title is Senior Vice President, Development Economics, and Chief Economist. The chief economist provides intellectual leadership and direction to the Bank’s overall development strategy and economic research agenda, at global, regional and country levels. As a member of the Bank’s senior management team the person advises the President and Bank’s management on economic issues.”
Stanley Fischer – (Jew) 1988-1990
Lawrence Summers – (Jew) 1991-1993
Michael Bruno – (Jew) 1993-1996
Joseph E. Stiglitz – (Jew) 1997–2000
Nicholas Stern – (Jew) 2000–2003
1988 – 2003!!!
Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) – Managing Director (head) of International Monetary Fund 2007 – present
John Lipsky (Jewish) – First Deputy Managing Director (second in charge) of International Monetary Fund. 2006 – present
Stanley Fischer (Jewsh) – First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, 1994 – 2001. Governor of the Bank of Israel from May 1, 2005
Obamas economic policy advisors
8 out of 21 are Jewish: Liebman, Romer, Romer, Rubin, Summers, Blinder, Bernstein, Reich
Arthur Levitt (Jewish) – Chairman of American Stock Exchange, 1978 – 1989
Robert Greifeld (Jew??) – President and CEO of NASDAQ stock exchange.
Sanford I. Weill, commonly known as Sandy Weill is an American banker, financier and philanthropist. He is a former chief executive officer and chairman of Citigroup Inc. He served in those positions until October 1, 2003 and April 18, 2006 respectively.
Citigroup Inc., doing business as Citi, is a major American financial services company based in New York, NY. Citigroup was formed from one of the world’s largest mergers in history by combining the banking giant Citicorp and financial conglomerate Travelers Group on April 7, 1998. Citigroup Inc. has the world’s largest financial services network, spanning 107 countries with approximately 12,000 offices worldwide.
In 1993 he reacquired his old Shearson brokerage (now Shearson Lehman) from American Express for $1.2 billion. By the end of the year, he had completely taken over Travelers Corp in a $4 billion stock deal and officially began calling his corporation Travelers Group Inc. In 1996 he added to his holdings, at a cost of $4 billion, the property and casualty operations of Aetna Life & Casualty. In September 1997 Weill acquired Salomon Inc., the parent company of Salomon Brothers Inc. for over $9 billion in stock.
In April 1998 Travelers Group announced an agreement to undertake the $76 billion merger between Travelers and Citicorp, and the merger was completed on October 8, 1998.
The merged companies became the largest financial services company in the world, with 100 million customers in 100 countries. At first, Sanford Weill served as Co-Chairman and Co-CEO with Citicorp Chairman John S. Reed, but in 2000 Weill became the sole Chairman and CEO of Citigroup. Under Weill’s leadership, Citigroup achieved unprecedented success
In 2001, Sanford I. Weill became a Class A Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Class A Directors are Board Members who are elected by Member Banks (of the Federal Reserve System) to represent the interests of Member Banks.
Robert Edward Rubin served as the 70th United States[u] Secretary of the Treasury during both the first and second Clinton administrations.[/i] Before his government service, he spent 26 years at Goldman Sachs. On July 1, 2002, [u]Rubin became a member of Harvard Corporation, the executive governing board of Harvard University.[/i]
In 1999, Rubin joined Citigroup as a board member and as a participant “in strategic managerial and operational matters of the Company, but no line responsibilities. The Wall Street Journal called this mix of oversight and management responsibilities “murky.” In an interview with the Journal, Rubin said: “I think I’ve been a very constructive part of the Citigoup environment.” Separately, the Journal noted that Citigroup shareholders have suffered losses of more than 70 percent since Rubin joined the firm and that he encouraged changes that led the firm to the brink of collapse. From November to December 2007, he served temporarily as Chairman of Citigroup
During his time in the private sector, Rubin has served on the board of directors of the New York Stock Exchange, the Ford Motor Company, Citigroup, the Harvard Corporation, the New York Futures Exchange, the New York City Partnership and the Center for National Policy. He has also served on the the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Market Oversight and Financial Services Advisory Committee, the Mayor of New York’s Council of Economic Advisors and the Governor’s Council on Fiscal and Economic Priorities for the State of New York.
Felix George Rohatyn is an American investment banker known for his role in preventing the bankruptcy of New York City in the 1970s, who also served as United States Ambassador to France., 1997 – 2000.
On August 22, 2006, he was appointed by Lehman Brothers as chairman of its international advisory committee and as a senior adviser to its chairman, Richard S. Fuld, Jr. (Jewish). He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations
Although he was a prime architect of the Vietnam War and repeatedly overruled the JCS on strategic matters, McNamara gradually became skeptical about whether the war could be won by deploying more troops to South Vietnam and intensifying the bombing of North Vietnam
Dates    Name    Country
May 6, 1946 – May 5, 1951        Camille Gutt      Belgium, Jewish
August 3, 1951 – October 3, 1956           Ivar Rooth          Sweden
November 21, 1956 – May 5, 1963           Per Jacobsson   Sweden
September 1, 1963 – August 31, 1973     Pierre-Paul Schweitzer   France
September 1, 1973 – June 16, 1978         Johannes Witteveen       Netherlands
June 17, 1978 – January 15, 1987           Jacques de Larosière     France
January 16, 1987 – February 14, 2000     Michel Camdessus        France
May 1, 2000 – March 4, 2004      Horst Köhler      Germany
June 7, 2004 – October 31, 2007             Rodrigo Rato     Spain
November 1, 2007 – present        Dominique Strauss-Kahn            France, Jewish
The research on Jew ot not a Jew for IMF leader is not finished yet…

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